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GB-0213196-D0: Method and apparatus for rearranging codeword sequence in a communication system patent, GB-0213439-D0: Umbrella patent, GB-0213801-D0: Collator patent, GB-0213960-D0: Method of forming a roof ridge patent, GB-0214201-D0: Tagged growth hormone molecules patent, GB-0214293-D0: Optical sensing apparatus patent, GB-0214865-D0: Loo aid patent, GB-0215194-D0: A communication apparatus and method patent, GB-0215223-D0: Floppy disc storage facility patent, GB-0215408-D0: CLO therapy clothes patent, GB-0215443-D0: Acoustic logging tool patent, GB-0215515-D0: A method of monitoring the integrity of transported loads by monitoring and analysing air pressure changes patent, GB-0215758-D0: Solid material and process for the adsorption and desorption of nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases from internal combustion engines patent, GB-0215768-D0: Forming a coating on a substrate patent, GB-0215799-D0: Improved method and apparatus for shaping thermoplastic tubes patent, GB-0216167-D0: Border snap patent, GB-0216390-D0: Location of subscriber terminal in packet-switched radio system patent, GB-0217039-D0: Drilling fluid apparatus and method patent, GB-0217259-D0: Method of making a stator for a motor patent, GB-0217312-D0: Filler metal for aluminium brazing sheet for heat exchangers and method of manufacturing same patent, GB-0217345-D0: Portable tank patent, GB-0218108-D0: Fitting for composite pipe patent, GB-0219167-D0: Wireless communication device patent, GB-0219194-D0: A dose setting limiter patent, GB-0219565-D0: Secondary cutting structure patent, GB-0220462-D0: Lining of pipes patent, GB-0220705-D0: Modifications to TCP/IP patent, GB-0222873-D0: Hands free buggy/prams weathershields for adults patent, GB-0223009-D0: Mycoremediation of heavy metal contaminated soil patent, GB-0223472-D0: Improvements in and relating to fluid bed expansion and fluidisation patent, GB-0224019-D0: Sensing system for a milking installation patent, GB-0225411-D0: Tabular grain silver halide emulsion with uniform epitaxial deposition patent, GB-0226525-D0: Dust cover sealing apparatus for a vacuum cleaner patent, GB-0226901-D0: Access cover patent, GB-0227205-D0: Heat sensitive composition comprising benzoic acid derivatives patent, GB-0227452-D0: Drum brake camshaft arrangement patent, GB-0227553-D0: Improved analogue selector patent, GB-0229175-D0: Multiple match detection circuit and method patent, GB-0229662-D0: Nanostructures patent, GB-0230216-D0: Fibre optic communications patent, GB-0300708-D0: Antenna with adjustable beam direction patent, GB-0301083-D0: Reality mirror patent, GB-0301455-D0: Wind turbine patent, GB-0301674-D0: Apparatus and method for controlling polarisation of optical radiation patent, GB-0302550-D0: Organic optoelectronic device patent, GB-0303692-D0: Hydrodynamic exercise machine patent, GB-0304147-D0: Flood steamer patent, GB-0304452-D0: Method, system, and program for invoking stored procedures and accessing stored procedure data patent, GB-0304583-D0: Media authoring system patent, GB-0305174-D0: Intake system for internal combustion engine patent, GB-0306754-D0: Early entry patent, GB-0307573-D0: Switchable adhesive via chelation patent, GB-0308354-D0: Improved cathodic protection anodes for concrete-extended systems patent, GB-0310716-D0: Portable terminal apparatus patent, GB-0310923-D0: Overmoulded plastic horseshoe patent, GB-0310953-D0: Polymer electrolyte patent, GB-0312666-D0: Improved housing for electrical apparatus patent, GB-0313379-D0: Hydralic circuit for boom cylinder combination having float function patent, GB-0315668-D0: Planter patent, GB-0315875-D0: Artificial lips patent, GB-0316771-D0: Handheld device displaying an electronic programme guide patent, GB-0317223-D0: Ejector latch indicator light and connector patent, GB-0317395-D0: Sealing expandable tubing patent, GB-0317767-D0: Cell culture patent, GB-0318172-D0: Method and apparatus for detection of weak seals in contact lens blister packaging patent, GB-0319164-D0: Magnetic suspending device patent, GB-0319733-D0: Electrical junction box with continuous connector patent, GB-0320814-D0: Oil quality sensor patent, GB-0320837-D0: High uniform temperature pdp oven patent, GB-0321160-D0: One-handed joystick patent, GB-0321212-D0: A protein involved in colon cancer patent, GB-0322238-D0: Pump cleaning patent, GB-0322567-D0: Mixer shaft coupling patent, GB-0322944-D0: Golf set-up device patent, GB-0323211-D0: Signal decoding methods and apparatus patent, GB-0323237-D0: Water storage apparatus patent, GB-0325527-D0: Identifier-based signcryption patent, GB-0325648-D0: Completion apparatus and methods for use in wellbores patent, GB-0325928-D0: SO abatement system patent, GB-0325949-D0: Inverting pendant lamp shade patent, GB-0326044-D0: Vehicle seating patent, GB-0326407-D0: Chemical compounds patent, GB-0326580-D0: Methods of tracing substances using nucleic acids patent, GB-0326687-D0: Thermo tools patent, GB-0327046-D0: Regulation of sperm function patent, GB-0327755-D0: Optical-sensor chip patent, GB-0328292-D0: A stirling engine assembly patent, GB-0328731-D0: Tubing hanger shuttle valve patent, GB-0329069-D0: An improved patient trolley patent, GB-0330047-D0: Footwear modification for roller skating patent, GB-0330072-D0: An internal combustion engine patent, GB-0330117-D0: Handle-adjusting device for adjusting the position of a handle relative to a vehicle frame patent, GB-0400575-D0: An article for covering at least a part of a person's body patent, GB-0401362-D0: Vertebral fusion parts, devices and methods patent, GB-0401743-D0: Transport system patent, GB-0402173-D0: Aggregate grading in an ultrasonically maintained suspension patent, GB-0402233-D0: Word processing patent, GB-0402985-D0: Light assisted solid free form fabrication of metal 3D parts in liquid medium patent, GB-0403418-D0: Fuel pressure relief valve patent, GB-0403783-D0: Mechanical toe and heel device patent, 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